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Spray or Dye


Spray or Dye is now available on Google Play!

Spray or Dye - Get it on Google Play

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Spray or Dye


Spray or Dye is being released on iOS and Android!

Our first goal with this project was to do a simple port of the game without any major modifications to the gameplay. Initially we were planning to release it as soon as the port was finished, but during the development we felt that the game needed something more. We have a couple of ideas on how to improve the gameplay, for example a global highscore and tweaks to the progression of difficulty.

Jango on Tour


Jango on Tour is now available on the App Store!

Previously featured exclusively on the Android plattform, Jango & Co have now found their way to the iPhone and iPad!

Available on the App Store


New home page!

Check out our game portfolio and learn about the history of Butlerstyle.


Published our first Android game, Jango on Tour!

Get it on Google Play